"You Were Born to Reign in Life"

We aim to instill that same wisdom that Josiah the King understood in Chronicles 2.

Welcome to Josiah Learning Centre

Josiah Learning Centre is a Christian Educational organization focused on supporting students to develop their faith and skills to become successful and faithful contributors, prepared for the academic and professional challenges that they will face.

Why Josiah Learning Centre?

What makes us different!

Who we are

We are comprised of a group of qualified and God-fearing instructors, we aim to provide early exposure to difficult concepts, multi-step problem solving, and applying their knowledge in an interesting, engaging format to ensure their commitment to learning.

What we do

We ensure that the Word of God is presented in each class, relating their academic knowledge to their faith, and setting a foundation for the presence of God in each aspect of their lives. Josiah Learning Centre has been partnered with Christian schools and Churches to equip students with the skills they need to grow and succeed.

What we offer

Focused on teaching beyond the school curriculum through a Christian lens, we offer Computer Programming, Web Design, Robotics, Science, and Sign Language programs from qualified instructors with new programs being added every session.

Our Mission and Goals

Develop a generation of young people that are mentally and spiritually prepared for the challenges of higher schooling and succeeding in a competitive and hostile environment.


With early exposure to difficult concepts, students will be better equipped to excel in their studies and develop their skills in areas that interest them.


Ensure that the Word of God is presented in each class, relating as much as possible to the material learned, to continue setting a foundation for God being present in every aspect of our lives.

Meet our team

Vivian Ibrahim
Engineer & Computer Programmer
Vivian Ibrahim has extensive experience teaching math, computer programming and robotics. She also enjoys leading a women's bible study with incredible women.
Ebram Ibrahim
Health & Safety Professional
Ebram Ibrahim has a Master’s degree in Biomechanics. He teaches computer programming, physics, and math.
Erin Ibrahim
Linguistics Graduate
Erin Ibrahim is obtaining her Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She has extensive experience in studying and teaching Math, English and American Sign Language.
Mariam Ibrahim
Sales & Marketing Professional
Mariam Ibrahim has experience in large customer accounts and marketing. She holds degrees in biomedical sciences. She teaches sign language and science.
David Dakdouk
Software Engineer
I am David and first and foremost I love God. With a background in Engineering and experience in robotics, I have a passion for creative projects and problem solving... whether that be an art project, or work or construction project around home. I love finding solutions to daily challenges. Coding and Robotics is a good way to learn how to problem solve and encourage logical thinking. From a young age i was exposed to ministry, and I am looking forward to combining this with my engineering experience. God has called us to succeed and life comes with problems, that we need God's wisdom to solve. Let us learn together about solving problems with coding and robotics.
Charmaine Reimer
I am Charmaine - I love God and have a passion for working with children. He has called me to support children holistically (Luke 2:52) providing them with the skills to cope in the stressors of life and to draw out their God given resilience. I have worked with children for 10+ years, with a background in Early Childhood Education and most recently I graduated from Social Work. I am excited to be the instructor of Scratch, where children will learn more about who they are in Christ and that God had made them to excel in all areas of life.
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